The New Job

On August 21, 2012 by Greg

I suppose today could be counted as my first actual day working in Atlanta after an extended time away from the big city. The past couple years have been doing the small town part time thing, and before that was Columbus. Columbus can’t really be counted, I don’t think, since they have such a small town feel. I limited myself to the uptown district, which is beyond easy to navigate.

I had forgotten how vibrant Atlanta is. During my orientation yesterday, the HR rep mentioned a food court while waving her arms in a very general direction. Today I attempted to follow that direction, wishing that I had some breadcrumbs to drop along the way. I passed from one building to another via an indoor bridge (which proudly advertised it’s wifi capability. why a bridge needs wifi, no idea). I snapped a mental image of this fork in the road so I could easily return to my starting point.

The journey continued down a long corridor full of fancy marketing windows for stores that could not be found. This led to another intersection (camera sound) and another corridor with fancy windows. One of these windows had Christmas stuff (camera sound, for Barb). This led me right into a Wells Fargo bank, and out into the street. No food court in sight.

I decided that this journey needed to end here, if I was ever to find my way back. Fortunately the sidewalk was home for a little hot dog stand that smelled very tasty. I studied the chalk board menu and chose bratwurst. This vendor of hot dogs must be good at what he does. He is so focused on making the perfect brats that he has hired a front man to take orders, collect money and dispense change for him.

I placed my order and stepped aside so the other hungy people could find sustanance. As I waited, I spotted a food court across the street. Too late, my mind is set on this amazing bratwurst that I am about to consume.

I gathered my food, and my diet coke, and proceeded to backtrack to my office.

The contrast between small towns (and even Columbus) and Atlanta is mind boggling. Thousands of various people, all shapes, sizes, and colors, come out of their structures of concrete, steel, and glass at a certain time, interact with each other in places of business or on the street, and then they go back to their buildings. This will take some getting used to.

I found my way back to my little cubicle and noticed I had some time remaining on my hour. I grabbed my laptop and found a comfy spot outside of the office and wrote this.

Next time, the food court. The brat was bland.

Next – Lunch on the Terrace

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