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On August 27, 2012 by Greg

One week down, 10 years to go.

I finally feel like we’ve turned the corner and good things are coming our way. Most of last week was spent getting acclimated to my new surroundings. I did much reading, but when every 4th word is a new acronym, the meaning tends to get lost. My brain should gain some traction this week since I won’t have to look up the definitions of new made-up words quite as often. Now the real learning can begin. Drinking from the fire hose.

I feel obligated to talk about food again. Since I’ve been more in tune with what I’m eating – as opposed to stuffing my face with whatever processed junk is available – I feel better. Not necessarily physically (yet), but I feel like I’m finally making better health decisions. Barb poked around the interwebs and found a recumbent stationary bike for sale at a great price. We’re committed to using this stationary bike in the way it was intended to be used. Not like the treadmill we used to own, which made a dandy clothes hanger. I may even drag out my old GT and put air in the tires.

I am loving the cafe in our building. I found some healthy food choices for todays lunch while spending less than five bucks. Better food, smaller portions. When I go to McDonalds (I still do sometimes) it feels more like someone is shoving toxic-taste-good materials down my gullet, and the feeling of being satisfied is replaced by a sluggish bloated-ness. What kind of person would force feed me with that garbage? Oh yeah, it was me. Just re-reading that last line makes me want to not go there.

i remembered to bring my camera to work with me this time and took advantage of the near perfect weather to enjoy Centennial Park. This is what today looked like.

Had a conversation with the boss and asked him if we do such and such, or the other thing (topic is irrelevant here) and he said we don’t do that – yet. Should be a good opportunity for me to collect some good metrics that can be used to make our product more valuable. Very glad I brought it up, and even happier at the reaction I got. This is a big contrast with how some companies deal with these issues. One apt description of how things were done at the fictitious ” XYZ Solutions”, “Middle management’s job is to keep their job”. Don’t rock the boat. This is how it is. Be stagnant. See what I did there? I made up a fake name to mask the real company. This will keep me and my team of lawyers (“Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe”) out of litigious hot water.

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