The One Where I Drive Way North And Don’t Have A Meeting

On September 11, 2012 by Greg

Big important meeting today where I get to learn more stuff and meet new people. But I need to drive to another office up north for this one. Helena Bonham Carter – also known as “Tom” – was extra helpful with this journey. She helped me avoid a toll road and HOV lanes while getting me to my destination.

I entered the building only to discover that my badge would not open the doors. Seems like it should be possible to sync a badge system with two buildings across town since we’re living in the future with our interwebs and flying cars.

There were no interwebs connecting my badge to the other building, and no flying cars today. However, there was a little low-tech doorbell next which I assumed would ring a bell at some other location and alert someone that I wanted in. I’m hoping it wasn’t some electric shock experiment.

It turns out that the electric shock button didn’t kill anyone today, since eventually someone came to the door to let me in. It was my old friend Matt. Very glad I didn’t shock him. Apparently he left the sinking ship in Columbus and discovered this company several years ago. It was nice to talk about old times, and who’s doing what now, etc. While waiting for the meeting to begin, I got an email from the meeting guy. A bunch of them were stuck in traffic and didn’t know when they would return. Meeting cancelled. The perils of having large groups of people working in a concentrated area.

Next weekend should be fun. Our department is holding an end of summer thingy at a lake, with a boat, skiing, and naturally food. I tend to sink more than swim, so I’ll partake of the food.

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