About Me

I got my start in photography with a Yashica SLR as a high school graduation gift from my father. My interest in photography grew when I moved to San Francisco, CA in 1976 and saw all the great images that were waiting to be captured on film. Shortly after that, I enrolled in various photographic workshops and discovered that with just a small investment in equipment I could process my own black and white film and prints.

The battle between the day job and the hobby was eventually won by the day job, and I lost interest in photography for several years. I moved to Nebraska in 1987 and got a job cutting production mats for Tom Mangelsen’s prints. Tom’s images provided the motivation I needed to get back into photography. I started entering various photo contests and won the local version of the Kodak “K.I.N.S.A.” contest twice.

I did some photography and writing in the early 90’s for the short-lived River City Sports Newspaper. About the time the paper shut down, I discovered the World Wide Web and started learning HTML in order to create my own online photo gallery.

I have since moved to Georgia and discovered a whole new world of photographic possibilities. Now all I need is the time to capture it all.

These photos are available for purchase at RedBubble and in a few local shops and coffee houses.  Or you can contact me if you need something in a different size. I’ll be happy to work with you on custom sizes, mats, and frames.

Just drop me a line describing what you are looking for: catscape[at]gmail.com.

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