What Would Axel Foley Do?

It didn't matter that there was no live performance. This was her first position, and I was not going to persuade her with logic.

12th Sep

The One Where I Drive Way North And Don’t Have A Meeting

I can assume that the white button didn't kill anyone since eventually someone came to the door to let me in. My old friend Matt, from Columbus. Turns out he left the sinking ship and discovered this company several years ago.

11th Sep
Picture 1

I Love Barb

oh yes, I do

07th Sep

More Blogs About Buildings and Food

I finally feel like we've turned the corner and good things are coming our way.

27th Aug

Helena Bonham Carter is on my Dashboard

Leaving work yesterday, Tom (you remember Tom) asked me if I wanted to avoid the HOV lane

24th Aug

The Magic of GPS

I can safely assume that I'll learn this area at some point

23rd Aug

Lunch on the Terrace

I think some brilliant architect designed this building with sesame chicken and wireless in mind.

22nd Aug
from the terrace

The New Job

I suppose today could be counted as my first actual day working in Atlanta after an extended time away from the big city.

21st Aug